Spy Comedy based on Real-Life Misadventures

and Modified to Protect the Guilty


Dave Troutworthy and his crew are good-natured "fish guys" who maintain aquariums for Manhattan clients: rock stars, supermodels, the mayor's office and more than a few desperate housewives. The fish guys just want to scrub algae, but their client - mob boss Frankie Sardino - uses them as pawns to spy on Alba Pickerella, the Russian caviar heiress. 

Having survived the bumbling mess of calamity from that spy adventure, the fish guys want to open their own detective agency called "Fish Spies".

The plan leaks out to reach the ears of Zander von Pike, an ultra reclusive billionaire industrialist. His home is more like a fortress out of a James Bond movie, and his spy games are off the chart. When he calls, these fish guys will bite the bait… and they will finally get their wish to be "Fish Spies"... whether they like it or not!



Created by Verna Lane

Based on Misadventures of Dave Jarritone


Adapted Scripts Made for Stage and Television

Television show in development. Greenlight status by a major production studio. Creator and Executive Producer is Verna Lane ( vernalane@hme.tv )

Intended for a full line of Merchandising and Multimedia

©2009-2016 Fish Spies WGC#S10-02853





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